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Upcoming Events


How the Body Regenerates Cartilage, Tendons, and Fascia

Friday September 12, 2014 – Friday September 12, 2014 Map and Directions | Register Description: St. Leonard 8100 Clyo Road Centerville, Ohio 45458 Main Phone: 937-433-0480 Register

Lower Body Pain Workshop

Friday June 20, 2014 – Sunday June 22, 2014 Map and Directions | Register Description: Lower Body Pain Abdomen, Lower Back, Pelvis, Hip, Lower ExtremityApplications for Platelet Rich Plasma Provided by: Hal Blatman, MD (Blatman Health and Wellness Center) To register for this workshop, Download Form Here and fax form to: 513-956-3202 Questions? Call Elizabeth [...]

Scoliosis-New Ideas for Etiology and Treatment

Scoliosis-New Ideas for Etiology and Treatment Scoliosis is a spinal curvature that develops in children during their growing years. It results in a three-dimensional deformity that leaves the spine growing in a spiral. Curves of more than 25º are reported to occur at the rate of 1.5/1000 children in the US. It is estimated that [...]

Recommended Products

  • Backnobber II


    Pushing on trigger points with the Backnobber II makes them smaller, and reduces pain.


  • Cell Energy


    Cell Energy is formulated to promote optimal cellular energy production.


  • Winner’s Guide to Pain Relief


    This easy to use guide will teach you about myofascial pain, and how to overcome it.


Patient Testimonials

I really hope this helps change and save someones life. I was extremely MISERABLE for over 5 years before finding and being treated by Dr. Blatman. I tried 3-Chiropractors, 3- Physical Therapists, and 4- Neurosurgeons. Eventually I was physically unable to do anything and spent numerous hours laying down. FYI, I’m in my 40’s so I refused a handicap parking pass and heavy addictive pain pills. Those were the options consistently pushed upon me by the above experts. A customer seen my struggles and referred me to Dr. Blatman. It sounded too simple to be true. However, he SAVED my life with minimum visits and costs. I now vacation, play tennis, racquetball, and ride ATVs. Truly AMAZING!!
George Triantafilou